What Sounds Better: Soundbars or Speakers?

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Whether you are seeking soundbars or speakers, you need to be wise enough in investing money. 

If you plan to upgrade your TV system with top-notch sound quality, you need to consider buying speakers or soundbars. They offer convenience and are easy to use.

Each of these types comes with its definite advantages or disadvantages, enabling you to choose the one that makes your TV viewing experience better and worth buying.

Indulge in a fun-filled, entertaining experience with the soundbars and speakers that allows you to stream your favorite TV shows and movies. Plus, you can also indulge in your favorite music through voice assistant features like Google Assistant and Alexa. 

Before we jump on to find out all about what sounds better: soundbars or speakers? Let’s move on to find out what exactly is a soundbar and speakers.

Soundbars are a type of compact solution that meets all your needs and offers convenience to the users. You can place it quickly in front of the TV sets. The soundbar produces the sounds of what exactly you see. Soundbars are available alone or may come with the subwoofers. 

On the other hand, speakers are available in sets that allow you to enjoy a proper sound setup.

There are multiple speakers which you have around the room, and enjoy the sounds from different angles. It will enable the listeners to indulge in a happy listening experience and catch each and every beat. These are, however, available at a higher cost, and need a complicated setup plus extra room. The speaker set depends on the number of speakers and surrounding channels you have—for instance, 2.1,5.1 or 7.1, and many others. 

To be precise about both the sound systems, they are definitely going to upgrade the entire TV experience with top-notch sound quality. 

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in to find out how much of the living space you can occupy plus the money you will spend when buying the soundbars or the speakers. 


The soundbar is the easiest of both options because it comes with one speaker and can be easily plugged in, and comes with a simple play operation. The best part about soundbars is that they are highly affordable. 

There are several soundbars out there in the market by different audio companies that pair well with TV’s varying options. When buying the soundbars, look at the following options:

  • Active soundbar:

This is not a big thing anymore, as passive soundbars are not that popular these days. Passive soundbars need an external amplification which can add additional hassle to the soundbar option you pick.

What makes active soundbars better is that they are easy to install, plus they don’t need any other amplifier or a receiver. The best part! You can plug in your TV easily. 

  • Three channel soundbar:

The soundbars having three channels can make your life easy as the three separate drivers are present in the left, right, or center. This makes the sound better and more immersive compared to the TV.

The three-channel soundbars are also available with wireless subwoofers, which makes them a 3.1 channel system. 

  • Soundbars with support of HDMI ARC:

These soundbars are excellent as they plug easily within the TV using the HDMI ARC port. With the single remote, you can alter the soundbar’s volume levels and simplify your digital life. 

  • Brands:

Other than these features, it would help if you considered which brand you are choosing to buy the soundbars. This thing is essential to consider as the only disadvantage of buying soundbars is that it’s challenging to build the system once you have already invested.

Sound Bars usually don’t play well when combined with the speakers unless you bought them from the same brand.

For instance, if you purchase the soundbars by Bose or Sonos, you plan to enhance your system and buy the speakers, whether they are front or rear speakers.

So, it’s best recommended to choose the product that suits well for the long term. 

  • Cost:

When talking about the money you are planning to invest, the essential benefit of buying the soundbar is to choose the one where you don’t need to pay any extra cash.

You can get mind-blowing soundbars with excellent quality at $100-$200. Plus, you can also spend more if you want a top-notch quality. 


A perfect pair of speakers other than the TV speakers can make your TV experience with top-notch sound quality stunning.

However, if you plan to invest in the speakers, you need to consider that you’ll end up buying extra accessories like an AV receiver that hooks them. You can purchase the excellent pair of speakers at around $300-$400. 

  • Brand:

Several companies in the market sell the best speakers that pair well with your TV, including Q Acoustics, ELAC, Kanto, Fluance, and Wharfedale. 

For indulging in the best speaker experience, you need to choose an entry-level AV receiver that costs similar to the speaker price. 

  • Cost:

However, when we talk about the speaker system, you need to invest in dual speakers at once plus an AV receiver that can cost you around $300-$300. 

That’s not all! If you plan on investing in a 5.1 speaker set, then be prepared to invest more. Because you are going to end up buying the full sound system that comes with the center speaker, which works for dialogue, rear speakers, plus a subwoofer that works for bass. The results are quite stunning if you end up buying such a speaker system. 

  • Flexibility:

The best part about buying speakers is that they come with the distinct advantage of offering flexibility to the users if you plan on adding the system later on in your life.

For instance, you plan to add wireless subwoofers or the center channel speakers with this speaker.

  • Audio quality:

The huge advantage of buying the speakers is that they come with top-notch audio quality, making your sound experience stunning and worth it.

As soon as you position the two speakers on each TV side, this will create better sound quality. The speakers can support sound technologies for DTS:X, Dolby, and Atmos. 

Other than the cost, it would help if you considered other factors like space in and surrounding the TV: the TV sitting over the media console. 

Moreover, you need to consider whether it is wall-mounted if it needs installation. There is no need to deal with the wires. The setup is easy with sound quality and much more!

If you talk about sound quality in both these products, whether its speakers or soundbars, then the voices are easy to understand and more precise in both of them. The majority of the customers feel that the voices with soundbars. 

Moreover, if you don’t want to invest in sound bars or speakers, you can also invest in the sound base. This product is similar to the soundbar. It’s just that this product is flat in terms of appearance, which makes it ideal to ist over the TV. a top-notch sound base costs you around $500-$600 depending on the quality and type.

People might opt for the sound base due to the shape and flexibility of use. If your room or TV does not offer enough space to attach soundbars, then it’s best to get yourself a soundbar. These products come with similar features in terms of sound quality, but the sound base tends to have excess bass. 


If you bought a fancy 4k TV, but you don’t like the sound quality, though it works great, it’s better to invest in the soundbars or speakers. If you cannot hear the movie and show dialogues, plus the bass seems terrible, then it’s high time that you invest in any of these gadgets. Improve the sound quality of your TV by buying such products. Invest wisely and choose the product accordingly, whether you plan on investing in speakers or soundbars. As we have already discussed the pros and cons of each one of them, we assure you that you’ll end up buying the best thing for indulging in good sound quality. 

If you consider buying soundbars, they are less flexible in terms of building up an entire system. However, they are easy to install and highly affordable. However, on the other hand, if you plan on buying the speakers, then you’ll indulge in more flexibility of expanding the system and indulge in better sound quality. But other than that, you need more room for placing the speakers. They require complicated installation and are quite expensive. 

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