7 Best Cheap Soundbar Under $100 – Complete Buying Guide (2021)

Modern-day TV speakers sound horrible. There is no point in having an awesome TV costing hundreds of dollars when you can’t enjoy the music at the same level. A lot of people think you have to spend a chunk of money to get a decent quality soundbar.

You can still get the best soundbar under $100 dollars if you research the market properly and choose the right product. Soundbars change the way you enjoy your music and TV shows. Spending as little as 100 dollars can make a huge difference in the sound of your TV.

There are hundreds of different models available in the market that make the buying process a hassle. We spent hours and hours testing different soundbars and finally came up with a list of top 7 soundbars under 100 bucks that have impressive sound and excellent build quality. Hence, making your purchase decision a lot easier.

So, without wasting further time. Let’s check out the best budget sound bars available in the market.

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Top 7 Best Soundbar Under $100 - 2021 Updated

Soundbars NameConnectivitySpeaker Type
VIZIO SB2920-C6BluetoothDual-Speakers
WOHOME 2.1Bliuetooh, AUX, OpticalSubwoofer
TaoTronics Sound BarBliuetooh, AUX, OpticalQuad-Speakers
FULOXTECH TVBliuetooh, AUX, Optical4 Speakers, 2 Radiators
Richsound Research (RSR)Bliuetooh, AUX, OpticalBuilt-in Speakers
ASIYUN Soundbar 10WBluetooth. AUX, TF CardBuilt-in Speaker, Microphone
AmazonBasics SB210Bliuetooh, AUX, OpticalSubwoofer

1. VIZIO SB2920-C6 Sound Bar: Best Soundbars Under 100

VIZIO SB2920-C6 SoundbarVIZIO SB2920 is the best overall soundbar under $100. This outstanding soundbar has some serious reputation. It has over 4500 positive reviews on Amazon. Not only this, but it has also got the “Amazon’s Choice” tag, which makes it a premium pick.

It has a premium construction and feels solid. The VIZIO uses 2.0 channel audio to deliver the sound that is loud, clear, and thrilling. There are two powerful built-in speakers that make your shows more energetic.

The 95DBs room-filling sound puts life into your music and movies. Moreover, there is less than 1% harmonic distortion. Hence, you hear a much clear and louder sound on this amazing great soundbar.

It is also properly tuned for an unmatched audio experience. It uses DTS TruSurround technology to produce a sound that is more realistic. The DTS TruVolume technology ensures that you can hear the same music every single time without the need to change the volume.

This VIZIO SB2920 c6 29 inch soundbar is the perfect companion for your TV. It’s very compact and can be adjusted in your room easily. In addition, its attractive design adds to the beauty of your room.

VIZIO comes with plenty of connectivity options. You can use the Bluetooth streaming option to wirelessly stream your favourite music right into the big speakers. You can also pair this soundbar with your TV using the optical input for a hassle-free connection.

The VIZIO comes with manufacturer assistance and 90 days no questions asked money-back guarantee for a more comfortable experience.

VIZIO SB2920 C6 Soundbar
  • Affordable
  • Loud Sound
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Compact Design
  • 90 Days Warranty
  • A little Tricky to Setup

Final View:

The VIZIO SB2920 is a premium quality soundbar at an affordable price. It offers top-class sound with extreme durability. It's the best soundbar for 32 inches TV. Highly Recommended!

2. WOHOME 2.1 Sound Bar: Best Soundbar with Subwoofer Under 100

WOHOME 2.1 soundbar

WOHOME is a top notch soundbar that comes with a 2.1 channel sound and a built-in subwoofer. It uses premium audio materials and produces a high-definition sound that pleases your senses.

It uses two full range speakers and one sub-range speaker to produce high quality audio. The sound produced by this sound is super clear, with the perfect combination of highs and lows. Moreover, the bass of this speaker due to the subwoofer is right on the spot.

It produces 95DBs of room-filling audio. There is less than 1% harmonic distortion for a better audio output. Hence, you hear much detailed sound in every corner of the room.

WOHOME 2.1 channel soundbar also comes integrated with DSP technology. This technology ensures that every single word you hear is super clear and loud. So, you get much more dialogue clarity.

There are four different modes for enjoying your entertainment at its best. You can toggle between movies, news, music, and default mode for a better sound experience.

WOHOME is a versatile soundbar that can be used with a variety of different devices. You can use it with your mobile devices using Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, you can use a variety of other connection modes to get yourself enjoyed with bashing sound. It supports AUX, Optical, and RCA input.

There is also a remote included. So, you can always tune the sound according to your preference. In addition, you can easily mount it using the mounting bar for a more comfortable sound experience.

WOHOME is a high-class soundbar that can be used with all the different 32 inches TVs making your audio listening experience much better.

WOHOME 2.1 soundbar
  • Stylish Design
  • Premium Build
  • Built-in Subwoofer
  • DPS Technology
  • Powerful Sound
  • Difficult to Sync

Final View:

WOHOME 2.1 Channel Soundbar is an excellent soundbar that comes integrated with a powerful subwoofer. If you are seeking the best soundbar with 100 bucks with a subwoofer, it's the best option in the market right now.

3. TaoTronics Sound Bar for TV: Best TV Soundbar Under 100

TaoTronics Sound Bar

TaoTronics is a very high performing soundbar for TV. It is primarily built for the audiophiles who take their sound very seriously. It has top-notch construction and produces very detailed sound.

It uses a 2.0 channel speaker for producing a home theatre system without costing you an arm and a leg. There are four high definition speakers and two passive radiators.

These speakers, combined with the radiators, produce a perfect combination of treble and bass. The sound produced by this soundbar is much more detailed and realistic.

Hence, you can hear even the smallest of details without a problem. In addition, the bass is electrifying. Sufficient enough to shake a large-sized TV lounge.

There is almost zero distortion associated with the sound. This low-distortion sound makes it a super viable choice for all the movies and shows.

The TaoTronics supports both wired and wireless connectivity options. You can stream your favorite music from your mobile phone on a push of a button.

For traditional connectivity, It supports AUX, Optical, and RCA input options. That being said, you have a variety of options to enjoy your music.

There is also a multi-functional remote included with the accessories. It allows you to control a wide array of functions. In case you lose the remote, there are capacities touch buttons on the soundbar itself for easy tuning of sound.

TaoTronics Sound Bar
  • Four Powerful Speakers
  • Amazingly Tuned Sound
  • Heavy Bass
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Capacitive Touch Buttons on Soundbar
  • Bluetooth Connectivity is Weak

Final View:

TaoTronics produces powerful sound and deep bass. If you are a sound enthusiast and take sound seriously, it sounds outclass.

4. FULOXTECH TV 2.0 Channel Soundbar: Best Bluetooth Soundbar Under 100


FULOXTECH soundbar, with its amazing build quality and handsome size, delivers the excellent audio experience at a nominal price. It will fill your entire room with surround sound.

This 36.5 inches soundbar uses four magnetic speakers. These 40-watt speakers provide a sound experience that only the best TV speakers under 100 can provide.

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In addition to the speakers, there are two passive radiators that bring bass and treble to the table for an enhanced and great sound experience. So, you enjoy your songs, movies, and shows at best.

It supports multiple input channels. You can easily pair it with your mobile phone using Bluetooth connectivity. It uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology to provide seamless connectivity, even from long distances.

The FULOXTECH soundbar also supports optical cable, AUX, and RCA connectivity. Hence, you have plenty of choices to enjoy your music.

It comes with a remote control to easily tweak the sound according to the genre of your entertainment. There are also physical buttons present on the soundbar itself for quick tuning when the remote is not around.

FULOXTECH ships this soundbar with wall-mounts. Thus, you always have the choice to mount the soundbar or place it under the TV.

Last but not least, FLUXOTECH provides extensive documentation support for connectivity and technical aspects. To offer a more relaxed experience, it comes with an 18 months extended warranty.

  • Massive Size
  • Powerful Sound
  • Deep Bass
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Extensive Support
  • Limited TV Support

Final View:

FULOXTECH 2.0 Channel is a solid soundbar with loud sound and punchy bass. It's a gigantic soundbar with amazing connectivity features. FULOXTECH is the best 36-inch soundbar on our list.

5. Richsound Research (RSR) Soundbar: Best TV Speakers Under 100

Richsound Research Soundbar

RSR, as the name suggests, delivers rich and crunchy sound at a very nominal price bracket. It has a very classical finish with a futuristic and compact slim design. And above all, it sounds great.

It uses its built-in speakers to produce a natural, loud, and deep surround sound system. In this way, you won’t miss the dialogues anymore. Moreover, the bass of this soundbar is very deep and can shake your entire room easily.

It has minimal distortions. In fact, it has less than one perfect distortion for a rich and full of life experience. It’s a versatile soundbar that can be used for all the different genres. You can use it to listen to music, enjoy shows, or watching movies. It has something for everybody.

Apart from sound, the overall build quality of it is also very outstanding. It adds to the beauty of your living space. Its unique color composition allows it to blend into just about any color combination.

It also supports all the trendy input options. So, you can always stream music right into the big speakers. There are also traditional input options like the AUX, RCA, and optical cable input. Hence, you can use them for quick and easy connectivity.

The remote control and wall mounting kit allow ease of usage. You can use the remote to control the entire functionality from the convenience of your bed.

RSR also offers a 12 months complete support warranty. Hence, you always have something to fall back on. Overall, it’s the best compact soundbar under 100 bucks.

Richsound Research Soundbar
  • Compact Design
  • Hi-Definition Sound
  • Deep Bass
  • Wide Connectivity Options
  • Superior Build Quality
  • Anyone can Connect Bluetooth.
  • Inconsistent Sound

6. ASIYUN Soundbar 10W: Best Budget Soundbar Under 100

ASIYUN Soundbar

The ASIYUN Soundbar is a high rated soundbar with out of the box design and awesome functionality. It’s the most affordable soundbar of your list. Still, it sounds just awesome.

There are a variety of different features that make this speaker a lucrative choice. It has a very unconventional design. It appeals to the eye. There is an LED light for an easy interface. The spin button on the front of the soundbar makes navigation a lot easier.

The built-in speaker is a multi-role surround system. You can use it for enjoying a variety of different genres, including music, movies, news, and TV serials.

There are two 5-watt powerful drivers that provide amazing clarity, deep bass, and distortion-free sound. The sound of this soundbar is very natural. This soundbar comes integrated with a special Antimagnetic, Anti-Noise, and High-Performance chipset that dramatically enhances the sound quality.

It comes with Bluetooth connectivity for streaming of your music without hassle. The Bluetooth connection is very strong and reliable. You won’t notice any sound drop. Moreover, it supports a bunch of different devices and music formats.

You can also use the TF card and AUX to pair it with your TV or SD card. In this way, it allows you to enjoy the sound from all the different devices without any hassle. There is also a built-in mic. You can use this mic to receive phone calls. This feature makes life a lot easier.

It is also very compact and easily fits under the TV. Hence, no more sight blocking. ASIYUN is very confident in its soundbar and provides a 30-days full money back warranty. So, you can always try the product personally without going instead of going into a blind alley.

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ASIYUN Soundbar
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Bluetooth and TF Connectivity
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Innovative Design
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Not that Reliable
  • Not the Best Sound

Final View:

ASIYUN is a compact and affordable soundbar that comes with a lot of different features. If you are looking to buy the best soundbar under $100, that comes at a fraction of price, go grab this one. You won't regret it.

AmazonBasics SB210

The least not the least contender on our list of best TV speakers under 100 bucks is from the tech giant “AMAZON”. It’s a premium quality soundbar with a ton of cool features.

The AmazonBasics soundbar comes with a high-definition soundbar and a powerful subwoofer. This soundbar produces an amazing quality sound that amazes the senses. The sound produced by this soundbar is loud, crystal clear, and deep. There is less than 1% harmonic distortion.

The built-in DSP technology revolutionizes the way you hear your sound. This makes the dialogue listening experience a bliss. The AmazonBasics soundbar produces 100DBs of sound. This loud sound is sufficient enough to thrill a large-sized room easily.

The triple sound mode allows you to hear all the different genres of a sound easily. Hence, no more default sound setting. You hear every type of sound at its best.

The wireless Bluetooth connectivity, along with the conventional pairing options, allows you to enjoy music streaming from all the different devices. In this way, you can enjoy the sound from your mobile phone as well as smart TV.

This soundbar can be easily mounted using the wall-mounts. The smart design also makes it viable to be used under your TV screen. All in all, it’s a top-rated soundbar that you can get under 200 bucks.

AmazonBasics SB210
  • Built-in Subwoofer
  • Powerful Sound
  • 3 Different Sound Modes
  • Reliable
  • Build Quality can be Improved
  • Optical Input Requires Improvement

Final View:

AmazonBasics is a top-quality soundbar that you can get under 100 dollars. This soundbar sounds amazing and provides exceptional value for money.

How to Choose the Best Budget Soundbar
(Buying Guide)

We have provided a complete list of all the best soundbars that come under 100 bucks. These soundbars sound amazing and offer the best value for money. Still, there are some important factors that you should keep in mind before you part with your money.


The primary purpose of buying a soundbar is Perfect Sound. Always check out for great sound reviews. A good quality soundbar should be loud, clear, and full of bass if you like to enjoy music and movies. Then you should definitely choose a soundbar that comes with a subwoofer.

Connectivity Options:

A good quality soundbar should offer a bunch of different connectivity options. If you want to stream your audio from your mobile phone, always make sure that the soundbar you are going to use offers Bluetooth connectivity.


Size actually matters in soundbars. Don’t get a soundbar that does not fit under your TV, and you have a problem placing it. Always check out dimensions of the soundbar before you buy it. If you have a comparatively small space, you can check out the soundbar that has a compact form factor.

Different Sound Modes:

A versatile soundbar that offers different sound modes is a perfect choice. It allows you to enjoy different genres of entertainment. Hence, you enjoy the music, movies, and your favourite shows at the best sound quality.

Remote Control (Optional):

Often, we need to change the sound settings of the soundbar. Choosing a soundbar that comes with a remote takes the hassle out of your work. So, try to grab a soundbar that comes with a remote.

Final Verdict:

Soundbars are a great way to enjoy a loud and clear sound. We have added the list of best soundbars under 100$. We know that choosing the right soundbar is not easy.

Therefore, we have also included a complete buyer’s guide to help you choose the best soundbar for your needs.

If you are still confused in choosing the best soundbar under 100 bucks, we will definitely recommend going with the VIZIO SB2920. It’s a very high-quality soundbar with thousands of positive reviews all over the internet. In addition, it has a superior build quality and sounds amazing.

You can tell us about your favourite soundbars in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.


Most frequent questions and answers

Well, we have made a complete list of the best rated. So, you can easily choose the product that fits your needs if you are still confused in choosing the right soundbar under 100$. We will advise you to go with VIZIO. It’s the best overall soundbar under 100 bucks.

2.0 Channel soundbar comes with two speakers (left & right) with no subwoofer whereas 2.1 channel comes with two speakers (left & right) with a subwoofer. 2.1 Channel subwoofers provide a much better sound experience.

No, you do not essentially require a subwoofer with your soundbars. However, the addition of a subwoofer with the soundbar increases the audio quality by producing low-frequency sound. A subwoofer produces bass, which is a key component in music intense entertainment.

TV speakers used to sound great. That’s not the case anymore. Therefore, a lot of people use soundbars to counter the issue. There is no point in spending hundreds of bucks on a high-end TV when you can barely hear the sound.

The best place to enjoy the best out of a soundbar is just below the TV. So that, it faces the entire room. In this way, you can hear all the sounds clearly in every corner of the room. Moreover, the sound is coming just in front of the view. The experience is much better.

Well, all the soundbars included in our list of best TV speakers under 100 dollars sound great. We have carefully picked these products so that you can enjoy your music, TV shows, and movies.

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