6 Best Soundbar for Bedroom – Complete Buying Guide (2021)

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Gone are the days when the bedroom was a place solely for rest. The modern-day bedroom is a tech-hub with a bunch of different gadgets. The best soundbar for bedrooms on our list will provide you amazing quality sound, superior build quality.

We have put together this list of best soundbar for the bedroom after deep research, and extensive product testing. So that you can choose the right product for your needs easily.

Without wasting any further time, let’s get right into it.

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Top 6 Best Soundbar for Bedroom – 2021 Updated

SoundbarConnectivity Technology Speaker TypeControl Method
YAMAHA YAS 108Bluetooth, HDMI, Auxillary Subwoofer
SAMSUNG HW Q90RWi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMISubwoofer, In-Wall, SoundbarRemote
BOSE SOLO 5BluetoothSoundbar
SONY HT-ST5000Built-in Wi-Fi Soundbar
DENON DHT-S216HBluetooth, HDMI, AuxillarySubwoofer

1. YAMAHA YAS 108 – Best Sounbar for Bedroom

Yamaha YAS 108

Yamaha has been producing quality sound equipment for years and hasn’t disappointed the users with any of its models. The Yamaha YAS108 is no exception here. It produces an amazing quality sound that is perfect for movies, shows, news, as well as music.

It has a built-in gyroscope because of which we can either place it on a flat surface or attach it with the wall. The gyroscope optimizes the sound according to the position and layout of the soundbar. Thus, you hear a much more detailed sound.

The soundbar has a flat capsule design closed with black mesh giving it an elegant look. It will easily merge in the dark background of your bedroom. With a bright background, it gives a unique contrast and looks like a piece of decor.

Moreover the Yamaha YAS 108 houses two powerful subwoofers for an amazing low-frequency response. The addition of a subwoofer makes this sound bar perfect for cinema-like experience at home.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the built-in subwoofer, you can also connect an external subwoofer. This feature is particularly useful for parties when you need the extra throttle.

The usage of control buttons on top of the soundbar makes it convenient for the user to change the volume settings or tune the sound according to the content type.

Despite its smaller size, the soundbar performs very well in a Medium-sized room. You will notice clear audio with outstanding low-frequency response.

With the support of DTS Virtual:X, the company claims 7.1.4 channel virtual surround sound.

Yamaha YAS 108

It can be connected with two Bluetooth devices at a time which means that you can play music from your smartphone as well as keep connected with Amazon Alexa devices or any other assistant such as Google. Other connectivity options include HDMI ports, Aux port, and optical cable.

  • DTS Virtual:X support
  • Elegant design
  • Rich sound
  • Powerful Bass
  • Affordable
  • Nothing Here

Final View:

The Yamaha YAS 108 fabled with the prestigious “Amazon’s Choice” tag and thousands of positive reviews across the internet is the best for your bedroom hands-down. It offers the best value for your money.


2. SAMSUNG HW Q90R – Best Soundbar for Large Room

Samsung HW Q90R

It comes with two rear speakers and one subwoofer along with the soundbar; a complete and powerful package. The design of the material has a dark black finish termed as “Carbon Silver” by Samsung. The material looks premium and classy. The soundbar comes with ports for wall mounting also if you are short on space.

The latest Samsung HW Q90R Soundbar with amazing features and extraordinary sound quality is definitely a top-performing model for your bedroom.

With the support of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, it delivers the 7.1.4 channel immersive audio. We have tried it with gaming, music, and movies. The sound quality was crystal clear and orgasmic.

We can hear the bullets passing by our ears, the powerful blasts shaking the couch, and every little string of guitar without any shattering of audio at any point.

With 4 different modes that are standard, surround, game pro, and adaptive sound. The soundbar doesn’t lack behind in any aspect in any mode.

Especially the game Pro mood delivers realistic and rich sound quality during gaming. Other than basic formats it can handle high-resolution audio up to 32 bits also.

The setup is quite simple and easy. With the basic Smart things app by Samsung, it can be connected to other devices in your bedroom. You can connect it with Amazon Alexa as well as play music on Spotify connect.

Samsung HW Q90R

With 2 HDMI cable ports and an optical audio port, along with wireless options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, connectivity is not a problem at all. All the HDMI ports support Dolby Atmos, HDR10, and HDR10+.

  • Dolby Atmos, DTS:X support
  • 7.1.4 Channel high-quality Audio
  • Premium design
  • Perfect for gaming
  • Room Shaking Bass
  • Quite expensive

Final View:

If you are looking for a soundbar for a versatile soundbar for watching movies, playing games, and listening to music., then this device will surely exceed your expectations.


3. BOSE SOLO 5 – Best Cheap Soundbar for Bedroom

Bose Solo 5

This entry-level soundbar by Bose delivers amazing quality sound on a tight budget. It’s the best soundbar under 200 USD that you can get.

The body of Bose solo 5 is made up of plastic in pure black color. The grill is metallic holding the whole body. Overall, it has a sophisticated design that appeals to the eye.

There are no external subwoofers or speakers attached to it. Rather it has a capsuled enclosure that houses all the sound drivers. Speaking of quality, with good audio clarity, excellent treble, and frequency response it is quite good for multipurpose usage.

For extreme game junkies, it will not be able to produce heavy bass performances. Plus, the high-resolution music lovers will definitely count the lack of subwoofer as a drawback in the model.

The subwoofer produces stereo sound only. If you are searching for high-end surround sound and Dolby vision support, then this is not the device for you.

This soundbar comes with a remote to control the soundbar. The remote control is universal and has all the basic as well as advanced keys for operating the soundbar. The dialogue mode which can be turned on by remote control enhances the voice clarity during movie play and TV shows.

The connectivity options include Aux, Optical, and Coaxial. You can also use the Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream your favorite music. The Bose Solo 5 surely lacks the HDMI connectivity. Nevertheless, it’s not a deal-breaker in any case.

  • Affordable
  • Entry-level soundbar
  • Compact design
  • Outstanding Sound Quality
  • Lacks Subwoofer

Final View:

If you are seeking a soundbar with a compact form-factor with premium-quality sound, at a reasonable price, Bose Solo 5 is surely a strong contender.


4. SONY HT-ST5000 – Best Soundbar for Master Bedroom

Sony HT ST5000

HT-ST5000 is a solidly performing soundbar by Sony. It is surely one of the best soundbars ever produced by Sony. It offers the top-notch sound quality, in a superior housing.

Unlike other multichannel soundbars available in the market, this soundbar comes enclosed in the form of a capsule. So, there is minimum clutter, with maximum efficiency. Single capsule enclosure also aids in better portability and aesthetics.

The overall design is premium and looks quite elegant in any given environment. The stylish soundbar has a large metal grill which can be detached to show the inner speakers for cleaning and other purposes. The subwoofer also looks premium with the soundbar. It is placed on risers for better circulation of powerful bass beats.

This masterpiece soundbar supports DTS:X and Dolby Atmos. The surround sound is produced by the three front and two overhead drivers. The surround sound despite having no side or rear speakers is amazing. While gaming, you will be able to clearly differentiate between blasts and bullets passing by your ears.

Considering its high price, it should have built-in microphones for auto-installation and optimization of audio. But you have to install it once initially by manually controlling the setup menu.

The input options are satisfactory, including 3 HDMI inputs supporting HDCP 2.2, 1 HDMI ARC output, one optical, and one port for USB. Hi-resolution audio can be played by the USB. The soundbar also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. So, you can wirelessly stream the music without any mess, directly from your smartphone.

Sony HT ST5000

The built-in Chromecast makes the device smart enough for modern use. Whether it is Amazon Prime season or Hollywood blockbuster movies, you will be able to enjoy the best of everything in your bedroom.

  • Dolby Atmos
  • DTS:X
  • Built-in Chromecast
  • 7.1.2 Channel surround sound
  • No microphones for auto installation
  • Pricey

Final View:

With a price tag of more than 1000$, this device is quite expensive. But the high-end quality audio it produces, along with 7.1.2 channel surround sound, and the elegant design make it worth breaking the bank.


5. DENON DHT-S216H – Best Soundbar for Living Room

Denon DHT S216H

Denon is a brand known worldwide for its high-grade sound products. The new DHT-S216H has totally grasped the eye of the audience with its versatile features and flexible budget.

The DHT-S216H is a budget-friendly, multi-functional soundbar that comes with a sweet, and pocket friendly-price tag. It comes with built-in subwoofers to give you clear, crisp, and impressive bass-boosted sound performance.

It also has an increasingly trending virtual 3D surround mode that lets you enjoy cinema-like music in your bedroom. Although it could not be connected to Google’s Assistant or Alexa, it can easily be upgraded with any wired subwoofer.

Listening to heavy dialogue movies and TV shows at night could be made more convenient by using night mode and dialogue enhancer mode. These modes have easy adjustment options.

Denon DHT-S216H has one of the most impressive sound performances. The 3.0-inch down-firing pair of woofers give it a bass boost. The bass reflex ports are present on either side of the unit.

The right and left channels, that is the 1.0-inch tweeter and 1.75×3.5 inch mid-range driver, work together to form a virtual sound center.

DTS virtual technology support is one of the most important and attractive features of this soundbar. It provides the 3D audio technology which brings together the immersive surrounding sounds and completes height cues. This feature is not available in other competitive soundbars in this budget range.

A plus point in the DHT S216H is that it has a subwoofer input. The line-level RCA style input allows the option of adding an extra subwoofer. This can give extra bass and frequency to the low-frequency sound effects of the soundbar.

The RCA style subwoofer in the DHT-S216H makes it compatible with a wide variety of subwoofers. This feature compensates its lack of wireless freedom, although the wireless ones allow easy placement of the soundbar anywhere in the room.

But the subwoofer compatibility of DHT- S216H is worth it. This compatibility is a big deal for people who want an ideal soundbar in a specific price range.

As far as sound quality is concerned, it is loud and clear. Audio can be customized and it works with most subwoofers.

Denon DHT S216H

The design of DHT-S216 is friendly for use in your bedroom. It fits conveniently at any home space. The 2.35 inches high, 35 inches wide and 4.7 inches deep measurement of design, allows it to go with the 55- inch TV perfectly.

  • DTS virtual technology
  • Compatibility with most subwoofers
  • Budget-friendly
  • Impressive Sound
  • Superior Build Quality


  • No Wireless Subwoofer


6. SONOS BEAM – Best Bedroom Soundbar

Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam is a compact, lightweight, and budget-friendly soundbar that fits practically in any space of your bedroom. The built-in compatibility of smart assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri makes it one of the most lucrative choices for audiophiles.

The soundbar has HDMI connectivity options available. Additionally, you can use the smart assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant to control the soundbar. This single feature puts this soundbar miles ahead of its competition.

The volume of the soundbar could be easily adjustable with the touch controls present on the top of the soundbar. A number of connection ports such as HDMI, power connection, and pairing buttons are available at the backside of the soundbar.

Sonos beam is not only a soundbar but a multi-functional speaker. It can play music from Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and many other music sources. The loudness feature of the Sonos beam increases its bass performance.

Sonos Beam

This feature is built-in by default. It also has the night mode and dialogue enhancement-mode available. It has the perfect sound quality for gaming as well as for movies and TV shows.

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Excellent bass performance
  • Stylish and unique design
  • Virtual Assistants connectivity
  • Single HDMI input
  • Not the Best Sound Quality

Final View:

Sonos beam is probably the best smart soundbar available in the market, it comes pre-loaded with advanced features the Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. If you are looking around for a smart soundbar with Google Assistant, you must consider it.


How to Choose Soundbar for Bedroom (Buying Guide)

In the era of constantly advancing technology, mankind has gone so far. If we compare the present with the past, we are surrounded by electronics with features that are being updated on a daily basis.

A large number of technology companies are working hard to provide their best to the customers. It’s also due to the competitive atmosphere that the companies are providing new and unique products day by day.

This has made it extremely hard to choose the best product one needs while keeping a balance between the product that has features and the one that is the most pocket friendly, because it’s a fact the better the product is, the higher the price range is.

So before buying the best Soundbar for your bedroom, out of the many options available in the market, you need a Buying Guide to make your money worth spending for that purpose.


As we were talking about the revolution by humans in the World of Technology, with the improvements in their features the designs of products are getting better as well.

Whenever we are about to buy a new electronic product the first thing which attracts the customer the most, is the design of the product. And the right choice of design depends upon the taste of the customer.

You must think wisely while choosing the design. Firstly you should think of the place you are going to set the soundbar in your bedroom, and then you should go with the environment of that place. Choose the design that goes perfectly with the design of the place where it is to be placed.


Companies are providing the best service to be competitive in the current time, as there are several companies providing the same products with their own version of features.

So we must pay attention to the features of the soundbar while buying, with the passage of time the soundbar is very well designed with numerous wonderful and unique features. So one must choose the product with the most updated features.

Wireless connectivity:

At present, everyone is busy with work and their daily routine. Nobody likes to get trouble with the wire and long connection techniques, all are looking for shortcuts to get what they want, so Bluetooth is one of the very important features to make your life easy.

It allows easy and hassle-free connectivity with the soundbar and helps you to enjoy music with comfort.

We are living in the world of the internet, which has made our life so easy.

Many companies are providing soundbars with the feature of Wi-Fi connectivity, which can help you to get amused by high-quality music directly through the internet without having trouble with any CD etc.

Price Range:

One of the most important things while buying a new soundbar is its price. Nowadays it is not a problem to buy things but it is still hard to buy a product at a suitable price.

When it comes to price, you must think wisely because Money is one of the most important things, you must not run for the expensive one, always go with the balance of good quality, unique features, the versatility of design, and affordable price.

If some product is exceeding your price range, you should have other options to consider as different companies are providing so many options with different price ranges.

A good quality Soundbar doesn’t cost you so much of your money. Just go through it once. Compare the one with updated features with the previous one, and make sure that the new one isn’t a burden on your budget.

Final Verdict:

Choosing the right soundbar for your bedroom is a daunting task. Therefore, after deep research, and thorough analysis we have put together the list of best soundbars for bedrooms.

If you are still confused about choosing the right soundbar for the bedroom, we recommend choosing the Yamaha YAS-108. It’s the best performer for your bed hands-down.


Most frequent questions and answers

What is the best Soundbar for the Bedroom in the Market?

The Yamaha YAS108 is the top-performing soundbar for your bedroom in our list. It offers exceptional quality sound with the superior build quality. Plus, it has an appealing design that adds to the beauty of your bedroom.

What is the difference between normal soundbars and smart soundbars?

Well, there is not a major difference between the normal soundbars and the smart soundbars in terms of sound quality. The key feature that makes the smart soundbar different from the normal soundbars is the integration of smart assistants like the Alexa, Siri, or the Google Assistant.

What is the difference between 2.1 and 5.1 soundbars?

The difference between a 2.1 channel soundbar and a 5.1 soundbar is the number of speakers. A 2.1 channel soundbar has two speakers and a subwoofer while the 5.1 channel soundbar has five speakers and a subwoofer.

The general rule of thumb for knowing the speaker configuration in a soundbar is by decoding the channel number. The first number of the channel indicates the number of speakers while the later represents whether it has a dedicated subwoofer or not.

How do I choose a good soundbar?

You can use the above given complete buying guide for choosing your next soundbar. We have put together all the details that you will be needing for buying your next soundbar.

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