Best Center Channel Speaker for Dialogue 2021

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If you are thinking of setting up a HiFi sound system in your house, you need the best high-end center channel speaker to go with your floor standing speakers. Centre channel speakers are a must as they provide you top of line sound quality and take up very little space.

They can be set up on the floor next to a wall or on top of a table. But how would u know which center channel speaker to choose from when there are so many out there? I have got a solution for you. I have compiled a list of the top 7 best center channel speakers in the market for your ease.

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Top 7 Best Center Channel Speaker for Dialogue

SoundbarColorSpeaker Type
Micca MB42-CBlackBookshelf, Centre Channel
Fluance Signature HiFiNatural WalnutCentre Channel
KEF T301CPure White/ SatinCentre Channel
Sony SSCS8BlackCentre Channel
NHT C SeriesBlackCentre Channel
Polk Audio 255c-RTBlack, WhiteIn-Wall
Polk Audio T30BlackCentre Channel

1. Micca MB42-C – Best Center Channel Speaker for Dialogue

Micca MB42-CThe first speaker on our list is from Micca. Micca is a Hong Kong-based electronics company that started its business in the year 2015. You can guess the level of this company’s products by looking at how just in five years, it has obtained a solid position in the speaker business. It is competing with the global leaders in speaker manufacturing and is dominating the race in space-time. It has produced some of the best speakers and this one is not an exception. IT is the best center channel speaker under 500. The MB42-C is a top of the line sound system which delivers excellent quality of sound with various additional features.

Without further delay, let’s get on to some of the significant aspects of this speaker

Some important features:

Starting, we see that we a balanced woofer made of woven carbon fiber which will deliver us enhanced transient and impactful bass.

Moving on, the second feature is the silk dome tweeter which ensures the smoothest of trebles and accurate imaging of the inputs.

Moreover, we are provided with an extended bass response with as low distortion as possible.

Micca MB42-C

Furthermore, this center channel speaker delivers excellent vocal clarity with a sound signature.

Finally, its targeted compact and classic design allows it to be easily be placed at any place and disappear into any room or décor.

  • Balanced woven carbon fiber woofer
  • Ported enclosure
  • Excellent vocal clarity
  • Compact classic design
  • Accurate sound signature
  • Dialogue anchoring
  • Minor distortion issues
  • No other cons

Final views:

Micca has always been on the top of one category or another, same is the case here. If you are looking to spend a handful of money on some speakers, then why not go for the best you can get?


2. Fluance Signature HiFi – Perfect for Small households

Fluance Signature HiFiAt number 2 in this list, we have the brand new top of the line Fluance Signature HiFi center channel speaker. It is loaded with advanced and state of the art features that help it to stand out from its competitors in the global market. There is an endless possibility with this speaker. It is loaded with the latest technology because of which it will surely provide you the best music experience that you have gotten yet.

 So, now, let’s get on to the features of this product:

Some important features:

First of all, we see that we have a high fidelity center channel speaker that will give us the perfect vocals and dialogues of our favorite movies and music.

Secondly, the premium components that have been used in the signature series ensure high fidelity sound which transports our room into a theatre because of the mastery in precision and sonic accuracy.

Thirdly, the dual 5 inches allow sound waves to travel directly from the center of the woven glass fiber cone to get us an enhanced soundstage.

Fluance Signature HiFi

Furthermore, we are given the purest of listening experiences by the production of high frequencies with captivating clarity with the help of the ultra-high-end Neodymium tweeters.

Finally, the cabin is acoustically inert and precision-crafted with engineered wood to create a warm distortion-free sound.

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  • High fidelity center channel speaker
  • Premium components
  • Ultra high-end Neodymium
  • Dual 5-inch midrange drivers
  • Acoustically inert
  • Distortion-free sound
  • Not recommended for large rooms
  • Poor customer response

Final views:

This speaker from Fluance is a game-changer and one of the best speakers in the market for small homes if you are looking for one.


3. KEF T301C – The Classiest Speaker

KEF T301CKEF is another of the giants in the electronics manufacturing industry. It has often been regarded as the best speaker producer and its products are the most top rated in the category.

Even though it is on number 3 in this list, this speaker has qualities that match those of the speakers at the top like being the best low profile center channel speaker. So, without making you wait any further, let’s get onto the most important aspects that this product has to offer us;

Some important features:

To start with, the KEF spans 1.25 inches deep and has 4.5 inches double-layered mid-frequency drivers and a 1-inch aluminum tweeter.

Moreover, this speaker has a dual mounting feature. This means that you can either set it up on your table or floor or its stand or you can have it mounted on a wall.


Furthermore, you can get the most accurate reproduction of sounds like the human voice or purely high notes due to the T301c’s 1-inch tweeter.

Lastly, this speaker uses the latest radical new twin-layer bass and midrange unit, which acts as a whole to help eliminate any unwanted resonance from the slim cabinet.

  • Two double-layered mid-frequency drivers
  • 1-inch tweeter
  • Twin layer bass unit
  • Mid-range unit
  • Dual mounting
  • Varied Sensitivity Settings
  • Bass is not good enough
  • Expensive price tag

Final views:

Even though this speaker is quite expensive, it compensates for that by its large variety of features and exceptional quality.


4. Sony SSCS8

Sony SSCS8Next up on our list, we have the first entry from Sony. I am sure you would have been hearing this name from your childhood, which is because Sony has been one of the biggest tech giants in the world for quite some time now and has been a household name throughout the world for the past couple of decades. Sony has earned the trust of its millions of customers around the world through its excellent customer satisfaction and deliverance policy. Almost all of its products have been the bestsellers in the market at least once and that is because of the top of the line quality and experience that they give out. This speaker, the SSCS8 is no exception and is a living example of Sony’s legacy. It has all the features that you could look for in a center channel speaker; which we will discuss as follows;

Some important features:

Right at the start, we see that this speaker is equipped with a 2-way, 3 speaker bass reflex system with an internal 4 inches foamed-Mica cellular reinforced woofer which ensures that we get the best quality bass and sound experience that can be provided by a speaker today.

Moreover, the SSCS8 has a 1-inch polyester main tweeter with 6 ohms of speaker impedance which delivers supple and faithful sound quality while the bottom layer acts as leverage and gives us great strength for powerful bass response.

Furthermore, the all-new wide-dispersion super tweeters provided us with heart-piercing natural-sounding vocals. The super tweeter is explicitly intended to convey super responsive, high-frequency sound response (up to 50 kHz), and ideal for High-Resolution tuning in, with wide directionality.

These speakers use uniquely foamed mica woofer diaphragms because of which, the upper surface conveys flexible and steadfast sound quality, while the base layer uses low weight with extraordinary strength for an incredible bass reaction.

Sony SSCS8

Due to the optimized crossover components, we are given the most energetic vocal responses with the help of specially selected components at the same time being mounted directly to the cabinet for competing for isolation of vibration.

  • 2 way, 3 speaker bass reflex system
  • 1-inch polyester main tweeter
  • Optimized crossover components
  • The maximum input power of 145W
  • 55Hz-25 kHz frequency response
  • Low-quality foaming
  • Poor tech support

Final views:

This is one of the most affordable speakers on our list at the same time coming from a company that is trusted worldwide for its customer support and satisfaction, which ensure us that it might be cheap n its price, but can never be low in the quality of its output.


5. NHT C Series – Best Center Channel Speaker for Music

NHT C SeriesThe next product on our list is from a company that has been on the electronic manufacturing horizon for quite some time now and has produced a lot of top-rated products. It might not be an electronic giant like some other products in this list but with the potential that it has shown and the number of satisfied customers that it has turned out, we can see that it has a bright future if it maintains its current standard. Just like most of the products from NHT, its C series center channeled speaker has a level of its own. It has been equipped with several features that are not often available at such a low price tag. So, without making you wait any further, let me just show you all the features that this speaker has in store for us.

Some important features:

Right off the bat, we see that this speaker provides us with 3-way sound dispersion in both horizontal and vertical planes; at the same time giving us a more comprehensible and detailed sound throughout the seating area.

Moving on, this speaker is a combination of the previous 2C and 3C centers. The company redesigned the cabinet to either stand horizontally or vertically to provide enough stability for a powerful front end in a limited space high output theater system.

Furthermore, this speaker uses 6/5 inch aluminum cone woofers as well as a 2-inch aluminum dome midrange and a 1-inch tweeter.

The 4 driver design reduces the distortion in sound by spreading the load over multiple drivers with a total frequency response of 55Hz-20 kHz.

NHT C Series

This speaker is a combination of other NHT C-series components for an audiophile-grade system for giving you the experience of a home theater housed in a sleek high gloss black enclosure.

Finally, the LCR houses a 5-way binding post connector type with an output wattage of 150.0 watts.

  • 3-way center speaker
  • 6/5 inch aluminum cone woofers
  • Combination of different C-series components
  • 5-way binding post
  • 4 driver design
  • Vertical and horizontal positioning
  • Sound not clear enough
  • Some accessories are missing

Final views:

These speakers completely compensate for the huge price tag that comes with them with the quality and variety of sound and features that they give out.


6. Polk Audio 255c-RT – Best Center Channel Speaker Under 1000

Polk Audio 255c-RTThe second last speaker on our list is from Polk Audio. This company has been booming in this business for quite some time and this speaker is my favorite among all others in this list; that is because of its plain white yet elegant design which can go with any type of home décor. Moreover, it has a reasonable price tag that goes with the several features that it provides.

So, without making you wait any further, let’s explore some of the important features that this speaker will give us if we choose it for our workspace or home.

Some important features:

Starting with the ability of this in-wall loudspeaker that vanishes into the wall and blends with any type of home décor. Moreover, if you aren’t satisfied with the color, the wafer-thin sheer grill can be painted in any desired color without any effect on the sound output of the speakers.

The crystal clear sound and deep bass give us a true cinematic experience which is powered by Dynamic Balance, Distance Toggle & Polk’s patented Power Port technology. Furthermore, this speaker is equipped with a 5.25″ Mid/Woofer and a 1″ swivel-mount silk dome tweeter.

Polk Audio 255c-RT

Additionally, it is very easy to mount and install and comes with perfect fit templates, a precision flange, pre-construction brackets, and it’s very own patented rotating cam system which ensures a secure, vibration-free installation

Finally, the icing on the cake is the trust and peace of mind we get from Polk’s unwavering commitment, reliability, and craftsmanship that has made in one of the most trusted names in home audio around the world.

  • 5.25 inches size
  • Deep bass
  • 2-way center channel speaker
  • Easy to mount and install
  • In-wall loudspeaker
  • Reflective room compensation
  • Sheer grille
  • You only have 30 days to return it
  • Can malfunction after sometime

Final views:

Polk is a very reliable name and can be trusted to deliver what it has advertised. SO, if you are willing to invest your money in a long-lasting standing speaker for transforming your home into a theater, this is the speaker for you.


7. Polk Audio T30 – Best Compact Center Channel Speaker

Polk Audio T30The last product on our list, but not least is again from Polk. The T30 should be your go-to speaker if you want the best experience whether for streaming a movie, watching a game, listening to music, or just watching your favorite show. You will soon realize that you cannot live without the crystal clear dialogue and room-filling theater sound that you will get because of the 1-inch silk dome tweeter, two 5.25 inch composite drivers, and a performance-tuned rear-firing bass port. So, let’s get onto the important features of this speaker without making you wait any more;

Some important features:

First of all, we will get a superior home theater experience with immersive surround sound because of the 1″ tweeter and the 5, 35’ dynamic balance drivers. These speakers are specifically designed to provide you with a natural and well-balanced sound with massive bass even at the lowest frequencies.

Secondly, you will amplify your music, movie, and gaming experience by placing this speaker in the front of your TV and get mesmerized by detailed audio with crystal clear vocals which are more than enough to fill any small to medium-sized room.

Polk Audio T30

Moreover, these speakers are compatible with most home theater AV receivers giving you a lot of setup arrangement options.

Finally, because of Polk’s unmatched quality and the most affordable prices, you will get value-priced speakers with high-quality construction, easy setup, and the best theatre experience right at your home.

  • 1.5 home theater setup
  • 1-inch tweeter
  • 5.35-inch dynamic balance drivers
  • Grille off
  • Stereo is lesser watts than the channel

Final views:

Polk’s T30 is a perfect speaker that deserves a place in your home, they are top of the line and will give out excellent results. SO, what are you waiting for? Go and give it a try.


Top 3 Picks:

For your ease, I have picked out the top 3 speakers from this list so that you will not have to go through all of it

  1. Micca MB42-C – The Cheapest Speaker in our List
  2. Sony SSCS8 – Best customer satisfaction
  3. KEF T301C – The Classiest Speaker

Buying Guide:

Before you go about in search of a speaker for your house, you need to know what your requirements are. You need to know what you want and how you want it. The following things are to be considered when looking for a speaker;


Is the speaker compatible with the device that you want to use it with? Most speakers are made universally compatible but some of the TVs or monitors or devices don’t support certain types of connectors. So, you need to know what type of input cords you can use to connect your speaker and your device.


Can you buy your speakers without getting a lot of dent in your finances? If you have a lot of money that won’t be affected if you spend a couple thousand of it on speakers, then you have no issue, but if you are on a budget, then you need to keep calm and not rush into buying anything.


You need to know exactly what type of input and output you require, you need to know what type of sound quality you want, do you need bass? Do you need woofers? Etc.


Do you need a speaker that takes as low as space as possible or it wouldn’t matter even if you get a big one? Do you require a speaker that blends in with your home décor or do you need one that stands out? All of these are things that you need to consider.


Most frequent questions and answers
Does the speaker need to be plugged into a wall outlet?

Every speaker has his requirement. Some need to be plugged into a power socket and to a device and some just need to be connected to the device. Moreover, some speakers are Bluetooth enabled and need only to be charged.

Do you need a receiver to use these? Or can I just hook them up to my TV?

Like I said before, every speaker has his requirement. It depends on the type of speaker that you own, whether if you need to get a receiver or not to use them.

Can I get a smart speaker?

As far as I know, there aren’t any specific smart speakers available in the market, but there are AI systems that are connected to different electronic devices in your house that you can use to control your speakers remotely.

Some Final Words:

I hope my article has helped you in choosing a speaker for your home and I hope it has fulfilled all your requirements. Just keep in view the buying guide and you should be okay!

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